Text Inside this Production


this tune was done
for complex^doodles^
shock tequila chart  
/*\ composed by:  /*\
time can't buy with
money...... i had    
only one day to make
this tune and i did  
it.... and that's on
a halv day.....      
it was long time sinc
e i had so big inspir
itation to make a tun
e.... ok time for som
e fast greetings:    
and the rest i know..
if you want a tune   
for your demo/intro/
game... contact me:  
thomas westman       
bruksvagen 13b       
73745 fagersta (swe) 
tune done 1994-07-30
look out for clx^eqx
musik disk called    
"secret dreams"      
(c) excalibur/clx-jul