mod.conscious dream
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conscious dream

 " conscious dream - 
  vivid glow .edit " 
(c) g.zer@ - june 95.
 .o()o. .o()o. .o()o.
   under the stars/  
   and glowing sun/  
  we dance on fire/  
      torn apart/    
       but one//     
  roaming the land/ 
  you penetrate me/  
   ...and expand.../ 
 .o()o. .o()o. .o()o.
 this piece of music 
 is dedicated to the 
 three most beatiful 
 human beings i have 
 ever experienced in 
    this lifetime;   
  kirsten lumholdt,  
 skawduan yongyeun & 
 zelenesi chikazunga.
  " buildings burn,  
people die - but real
love ... is forever "
 .ooo. -------- .ooo.
 -> forever & ever <-
 .ooo. -------- .ooo.