mod.cupa libre
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cupa libre

by axel of brainstorm
in summer of 1991 for
anniversary zine iss.
this song has been
composed in a big
hurry,so it's not
very worked through!
i hope you feel the
-=* summertime *=- !
contact me or our la-
bel for prof. gamemu-
sic -=sound wizards=-
alexander strohm
4147 aesch
switzerland or call:
no swappers or lamers
my hottest coctails
fly out to my best(!)
friends in the scene:
maestro and grubi/sow
-=maniacs of noise=-,
-=sonic projects=-,
heatbeat/(?),bjorn l.
greg/atz and moby!
wait for musicdisk 3!
(c) sound wizards '91