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         FIRESTARTERS       ARE BACK! WITH A NEW WARE...                      LET'S BEGIN THE SCROLLY WITH THE MEMBER LIST                       SCRATCH               TALISMAN              MIKE                CODE TAPPER            JARRE               DAVE AND CHRISTINE         MIKE IN AUSTRALIA          AGENT ORANGE            GOOBUG                            TO CONTACT US WRITE TO                       PO BOX 315          TOONGABBIE          NSW 2146           AUSTRALIA                                     PO BOX 419          HAWTHORN           VIC 3122           AUSTRALIA                              PO BOX 854          GLEN WAVERLEY         VIC 3150           AUSTRALIA                              WHY NOT CALL OUR GREAT BOARDS IN THE STATES!          THEATRE OF PAIN        216-733-2166            WARES FOR THE MASSES      609-845-6945                       NOW FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING! HERE COME THE GREETINGS...                        ACCESSION          ACCUMULATORS          AVALANCHE          BYTE RAPERS          CLONES          CRUSADERS          DEATH STAR          DELIVERANCE          DEXION          D-TECT          FREEDOM FORCE          FREESTYLE          GOONIES          IDS CREW          ILLUSTRA          ITALIAN BAD BOYS          KEFRENS          MYSTIX          NEMESIS          NEW ORDER       NORTHSTAR          OMEGA 5          RAZOR 1911          SAVORY          SAXXONS CREW          SKYTORS          SOUTH SIDE CONNECTION          SUNRIDERS          SUPREME          TARKUS TEAM          THE BAND          THE EXORCIST          THE FLASH TEAM          THE SILENTS          VANGUARD          VISION FACTORY          WIZZCAT                              SPECIAL THANX TO                      PIRANHA         FOR CODING THIS COOL INTRO.....NOW IT'S TIME TO WRAP THIS SCROLL... ... ..   ....... ... .....     ....