Deep Shit 1
Text Inside this Production

       well, well, well !!    who would have thought this piece of pack would end!!   but it does!  right here....     cascade is signing off with this little screen and this song called, stopit.      anyway, hope you liked this demo.  before we quit, i must mention that i did all visual stuff and the sound.   but ofcourse  nobody is perfect, so thanks to theese dudes....    thomas . katcha . usul . pope . mette . ronny . distance for some code . bruce for some code . mathemagician . vikki . thomas buy friend . peter . jette . john . robert and girl . gitte . . . . .      ofcourse i also have to say hello to....    hyde . kickaha with thanks for great sendings! . and last but not least....   the rest of cascade!!!!!!         in the end, please contact me if you want to trade....  sorry, no numchars!!!          l. legaard    .    nordstrandparken thirtyone    .    twentyseven.ninetyone.dragoer    .    denmark                 this is whee! of cascade signing goodbye.