Text Inside this Production

that`s all folks...
or is it ??

spiritual greetz
in order... ( well it should be... )
arkham        afiv           complex  
delight       dreamdealers   eremation
heresia       -: ice :-      ich crew 
intense       iris           ivory    
kool          legacy         melon.   
mentasm       movement       mts      
ozone         saints         sanity   
scoopex       snakeman       spaceballs
talent        tilt prod.     trsi.
and all trance members worldwide

this little intro was developped
to welcome our new coder in our
pc section...
|* stealth * |
as always no productions promised

maniac`s personnal hellos to:

pib              from syntex|
schmoovy schmoov from melon.|
afiv members|
darkness spania|
outlaws france|
and a big kiss to my `mistress`|
       ( valerie : yes you !! )|

is proud to present
this little intro
* outdated *
BLITTED CREDITS :           
MANIAC : >> code and trancy tune|
psyko  : >> moral support( !?! )|
FALKEN : >> some of the graphixx|
3D logo by i-don't-know-the-name|