Text Inside this Production

$VER: loungetro -- DSS in 2012 -- whoop! \o/

 presents a prod for your lounging needs
   kicking it oldskool at sundown 2012!

holy crap! looks like mr big is planning
  some crazy shit down in the hood...
     we better get to the car boss!
umm i dont feel so good boss... the road
seems to be comprised entirely of dots!!
     maybe we should hit the club...
 ...spot of lunchtime drinking you know

   blimey boss - i think i saw him!
tell you what - you clobber him while i
   get a round in... shit be cray!!
 crikey boss! well we can sleep soundly
 tonight and no mistake. oh by the way -
 1989 called - they mentioned something
 about wanting their spinning logo back
mad props  -  rift  tpolm  dekadence  ghostown  rno  spaceballs  gasman  trsi  rzr  flt  adinpsz              with thanks to flashtro.com for the shamelessly skanked fonts!               hello. this is aegis typing. i told fell i want to write some bullshit for the end scroller so here goes-- guys i am sorry i couldnt make it to sundown. i wish you couldve seen me drunk as fuck and acting like an idiot. but anyway im proud that dss got to release this old school anarchy/lemon styled intro cos their prods are some of my favorites.. personal shoutoutz to visy   dodke   legend   dune   knoeki    and especially fell for making this prod a reality. ok ive gotten enough of this mindless typing - aegis iz out              loungetro --- a dss production              keeping it smooth at sundown twenty twelve