Street Rod 2
Text Inside this Production

  Presents ... Street Rod 2 (Electronic Arts)

Original Supplied by Steve Miller & his band!
Cracked July 22, 1991!

Write to: 5-7, Place des Marseillaises
13001 Marseille, France!

U.K. Write to: P.O Box 48
SouthHampton SO1 7DD, England!

Never forget: QUARTEX RULES !!

Wait for more pages, or left mouse to exit!

The ONLY members of QUARTEX are:

Olivier, The Surge, Waremonger, Spirit, Magnetic, Jester, Beast,
Alliance Design, TIC, BlackBurst, Speedy Dennis, ADS, Predator, 
Red Rocks, Clash, Flex, Tom-Cat, Face the Facts, Acid, Xtc,
Shark, Bigfoot, Skyline, Trackmaster..

Eheheh this is an Alliance Design intro...

Code by Corto...
...Graphics by Seen !


Don't forget to call our Elite Bulletin Board Systems:

Link to Perfection (Usa, 908)
Sleepy Hollow (Usa, 301)
Arcadia (England, +44) 
Dark Data Security (Italy, +39)
Bigfoots' BBS (Usa, 216)
Revelation (Usa, 301)
Infinite Dreams (Italy +39)
Little Amerika (Germany +49)

 (To be continued...)