Snurkel Scroller -Short Version-
Text Inside this Production

ZA        the silents    proudly presents a new magic dimension of scrolling.ZB..   the magic credits for this demo are bouncing off to the coolness of earth:ZC     the monsterous coding was done by - sincos   the math-freak above all...        ZD reggie-goodie by - blaizer   oh man, this guy is cool!!!        ZC logo by - icebrigade   ha ha jens har blivit dunkad!!!      ZE copper-magics and co-coding by - goofy   why do i hate making demos? games forever       ZD font by - animal   the cruelty of darkness is here to tear your souls apart     ZF scrolly and brainstorming by - sincos, goofy and animal!!!       ZGand as a proof of how great this demo is i can tell youZH that we won the demo-competition at the halloween-party in trollhattan, sweden 1989. ZI and with a prewiev, imagine it lamers!!!     D      A  rules!!!        wow!!! these curves are groovy!!!!!!      E      ZJ and now i'll leave the keyz over to animal for a while...  ZA      animal! ZDa force so evil, even godZI is afraid!!! ZB     i must say very welcome to our new members ZCin belgium.....   welcome cool dudesZA!!!     E all greets to those E who are worthy them!!    D  ZI   not you lamer!!  ZE      about the mega demo nr.3!    forget it!!!      ZG  but expect future shocks soon from the master brains of A ZH     A      A   we are so mighty!!     ZD    no fucking inspiration left... bye peasant!!   A       B      C      D     E     F F F F