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#drums & reverbs# !!!
arpegiator/ep !
contact me at :
24.clos champs bouton
6760.virton.belgium !
arpegiator played the
following instruments
dx-7 and sy-99 yamaha
synthetizer boards, 
roland d-50 rhytm box
a roland u-222 mod.g!
and all the others
gr8t sound generators
yeahhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!?
you need a tune for
your team then write
me ! i sell my musix
original productions!
prices depend of the
number of patterns !!
one pattern +- (4 $)!
aha with the 
a.p.g.r system ...
the delay is 1 week !
don't forget the
master sound-manager!
the arpegiator !!!!!!
bibi !
...vol "d & r" !!!!!!
calm with this dudy !