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       HIPHOP!!!    It's partytime at   Grendels copyparty. This is Loki writingthese few first rowsto this demo.       The main star in    this demo is the    same guy as in      Party or DIE 1.     HE is world famous    PATER BECKER!!!   All these pictures  are from DDG copy-  party.              I send my greetings to Sami E. who livesin Heinavesi.       I think I got to go now so I hand the   keyboard to all     creatures around    this house............Yeah, thanx Loki! it's me - Vekesoft -here! Yeah, it's party-time! Here are a lots of good groups  and a lot of alcohol!!!!!!! I'd like tosend greetings to mycontacts but I thinktheres not enough space & patient for it...this is the firstmoment that I can write scrolltexts alone..Theres no Grendel,Zados or Evil around so I could write as long story as I want - but I won't!   Or shall I??? We'll see...Well there aresome contacts that Iown a special mention: Dominators, Axenon, Fantom & Ghostrider! Thanks 4 bin' patient...Well what else can I say? Fuck... If you don't want to swap with me thendon't send new stuffto: PL 5, 62601 LVI,Finland...(Thanx to Loki for free advertising...- the chequeis on its way -).   What else can I say:   VEKESOFT is here  to STAY !!!!!!!!!!!I think I gotta stopnow coz my eyes are tired...(we watched horror-fils like Nightmare (I got no nightmares...). Keep onswapping...I WILL BEON YOUR NIGHTMARES!! sign: VEKESOFT.         PS. There comesa man who looks justlike a clown...must be Grendel...Be patient while readin' his lifestory....     And it's Grendel on naking in this loysuStack-demo. Party isgoing heavy....     I've been fighting  with Lazer Tags a   lot... It was fun towander in dark      forest, listening   possible noise from opponents.. Oh, thisis idiotic. I want  to tell you about mylife. I was born in a small city called Iisalmi 16.7.1970   I was quite a lot   smaller than I'm nowAt the very first   minute I did found  my biggest interest:computers. Or in    fact nurse. Time    went and I became   more terrible.      Refused to eat my   food etc. And one   day saw something   which changed my    life: saw computer  named ZX80. I didn'tbuy it. And I didn&tbuy either Vic-20   Spectrum, Amstrad,  Atari 800XL, Amiga  or any other silly  compu. Nooo, I made the only right move:I bought a CBM64!   And since it, 3-4   years ago my biggestlove has stood on mytable. Ahhh we've   had many happy      nights together, I  and my C64....      My first game was   called Elite. I     remember moment I   loaded it first timewith my new tape-   deck. Then it didn'twork and I was in   panic: is my new 64 already broken???   Called immediately afriend who told to  use another stick-  port. And when I    changed my QuickshotII to port II Elite worked. Ahhh. Then Itried some games a  fellow-lamer had    lended... didn't    work. Called that   guy and he told I   need a 'turbo'. Whatwas that??????        And time went by  ....................One year went.......Then I had a ad in  Finnish mag and one guy called if he    wants to swap. What?Swap? What was that?And so we swapped 1 tape.  Ohhh, the    newest games in     Iisalmi. No-one had them. All wanted to copy from me...       And some months   later I had again adand started serious swapping. Ohh, had  15 contacts.... All tape-swappers. Cool I was. Time went & 1day I bought a driveNow we started a    group. Got good     contacts. Yeehaa.   ex-TKC (present FSS)and JTC/THC/RE/     Hulksters. That was last summer. Got    more contacts.      Both from Finland & abroad. Came new    year and FIG' party Drove there with    Prof. Fate, Kasper, Arcade, Lanttu and  TWS. It was cool....  More time went.   Released demos and  even cracked games. Driller, Garfield   A success... They   were spread a lot...Got manymany lettersand more contacts.  Now I started to    have even new stuff Got a lot of membersvisited Stage 3 and The Silents' party  in Sweden... Blah...Became all the time cooler and faster.  Finland's best on 64      we were:         BYTERAPERS INC.   Thanks for reading. This is a good demobecause my text here  Let's speak about the strange creaturewhich shows itself  a few minutes after you saw it last time  It wanders around the corridors and   tries to find some  beer-bottles with   some beer left. Its pictures can be     found everywhere.     It speaks about   things you've ever  heard about and     talks in way you    can't understand a  single word about   its talking. It is  called:               ZADOS of STACK      It is one of the  most extraordinary  creatures I've ever met. It's like a petwhen you give it    something to eat it starts to follow youbegging for more.     It's like a       disease. It's every-where and cannot be stopped easily. The best way, anyway, isgive ZADOS a beer soit's not going to   move for two hours. It just searches fora nice, dark and as messy corner as     possible and murmursthere happily. Some Valio's Apelsinsaft makes its living    more comfortable andyou don't need to   care about ZADOS forsome time anymore.    Part two. The 2nd part after part 1   which doesn't exist at all...             HOW TO RID OF A     ZADOS OF STACK?                         there's only a fewways to kill a ZADOS  one way I prefer  is to shoot it with a Lazer Tag. ZADOS  either goes away or shouts terrible,    falls down and dies to a shock.          to be continued....  Grendel/(B)           Okay,   this is YODA of DEATHSTAR now. Hanninen is the perfect lamer. Hanninen is the perfect shit head (I(YODA)think that he is one....Now I want to sent hellos to my lamer friends of x-system (the lamers are the lamers all the time...  Hellos to everyone......              FUCK OFF STACK !!!  This is Vyvyan the ultimate bastard fromT.D.T !!! Fuck off you dirty lamers !!! here i sit and thinkabout you gays ???..wanna swap horror films ?? Okay contact me following address: Vyvyan the ultimate bastard / Niskakatu 18 B 14 / 80100 JOENSUU / Suomi Finland / EUROPE ( Bleargh ) .... Best to all fuckers out there ..end transmission !!!wishes : VYV 88 ....SLICKS !!! hillo every shithead... THE ULTIMATE  D E A T H S T A R ( hoffi was  here ) but hack-man  is now writing so  wanna have zum shit so write: hackman/DSORAVANTIE 21 --35100 ORIVESI -- FINLAND so end...             Yeah,  It's  Evil I noticed everybody has given their addrbut I don't. Are youpissed off. I hope !We have a new team  called ACCESSION andFINISH GOLD is hist-ory now on Amiga cozthe amiga side left!But on c64 FIG is number one in finland!Special greets to:  ZIP CRACKING FACTORIES & SPECTRE/Norway and ZAN/777-team forall cicarettes I've asked him!! Also Hiphoppers to FIG! Now I think I gotta go, coz zad came in and he wants to write   some bull. And zad Iwanna know the nose joke fast !!!!!     C ya !!             I'm here... are you all satisfied?!! uh!I hope not...       Here's one message  in german!          Saatanna Apparat!!! a joke or die!      no german in cj     I leave the keyboardnow to Yoda    Okay, this is YODA again.  I don't know if STACK is using my music, but who cares....  Okay, I'm really drunced now so I think that writing is stupid and Zados is fucking cool guy and u must continue your stupid writings in your further demos, so go on Stack and so on...........      That was Yoda again and thank god he's  gone...              This is Icebreaker  writing now and I'mvery pissed 'cause Icouldn't drink today(my neck was so bad)Evil just popped in  telling me that    Axa-mix is here now (and it's live!)    Soon you will hear  it through your     monitor.....!        Well well Axa is   here too with his   lovely smile....    Ahhahhhaaaa....     George Olkkonen.... George Tapsa....    Jouko Kajanoja....  It's Evil back here to stay!  I forgot  to say hillos to ourmascot 'monty' whosein Hesa  right now.                     zorbus shekkilainen.simon garfucker iz  writun' sum bull to all u losers in     stacksu and the mega-mighty arsesession.conna of purebyte izstanding behind ice-blocker and is goingto write sum skitty for raaka-roki demo rokki-arska licks...the zardos, let's goand check the lamerswho r trying to get sum sleep in their  tents.              ok, some grazy dude just popped in with a twinkle in his    twisted eyes........rooker is his name..mootsart kuukeli....okey, dokey that's  all from me (axa)   no sleep till sauna! hikkeli kuukilooooohi this is zan  of        777-team      i'm really bored!!  hoffy   lamer    is fuck offer and his  dick is growing whenhe waches all those porno-movies........aaaaaaaah ooooooooohthat's hoffi!!!!!!!!sick and pervert... shogun raped  our   mate 'irwin' in     beyond force's tent he also raped some  members of bf now   he's after mjh's          ass           mjh can't be raped  coz he's gay!!!!!!  this is stack's roomand here is really  sick                yoda 'joraaja' is   making   musix  for lamers and showing  his filthy ass to   pervert-boy of teamxi'm leaving ...bye!!oooouuuuuu who's    leavin' i dont know but now gryzor is   here to stay !!!!!! hahahahahahaha      who's unhappy beckerhe's member of the  stick   hey hoffi   where is ur drice   licence !!!!!!      hey hoffi wanna ya  write sum text to   this scrolly !!!!!! ooou hoffis grazee  i cant let him writeanything 'coz       otherwise he would     destroy    our   reputation as text  writers             Yeaah this iz   TWS/Bytelamers(rapers)  continuing this textand putting my own  piece of shit to    sticks demo yep how about sum text aboutgrendels mental     problems frist he's carrying sum fuckingshovel with little  ball in it at his   shoulders he also   has  a  must  of    running around      local forests with  beebing thing called  lazy  bug  or     sumthing like that  ofcoz he or should  we say SHE iz all   over covered with   mud and crunched    mushrooms and all   that grows in forest.   When  we  are   searching for HER   FEW good or useful  habits the best is  certainly skill of  bootlicking you cant guess how useful it is when he's       moaning  sum money  to our group from   the state. Still we haven't yet         mentioned hez       problems with coming near boyz (he iz   bit shy) I don't    understand that     because everyboy    knows that he's a   faggot. Well, we are also preparing hez outlook during our  party by cutting her hair off. NOW sum  GREAT news bb  iz   coming here thats izwe still need then  the collection of   weird animals iz    complete. if you    have seen crab he   has dun and also    calls as demoz you  know why i'm talking about him as an    animal. because evencockroachs  in the  garden can code     better demoz. and   sum text about one  guy called beard----lamer hez the one   who comes to every  party ever held in  finland copying for new lame stuff all  hiz newest stuff iz from last party that he visited ....    tws bored about fucking to parta and now now it's someones elses turn to write zum shit text now, so go on (it's time for Hack-Lamer now, I think...)            yups... HACK-MAN    says to yoda :      GOOD NIGHT and      sleep well....!!!   with MJH und IRWIN  (I'm not gonna sleep with HACK-MAN's pet mates SIGNED YODA ) ZAN of 777-Team want's to say some words of wisdom (belive or not)            PRAISE   IRWIN!!!!!!Irwin is out there  somewhere pray that he's not going to   visit  your place   YODA is so drunk    that he don't know  what he wrote and   and HACK-MAN is     trying to call      MIRAGE!!!!