Text Inside this Production

 /4 /b /d   whueeeeaaah!!!   this is it!!  /2   'party or die ii' /4 presented
 to you by: /8    stack  /4 /0   and now...  stack livetext is about to begin!
  ok you $-heads.... this is /2 /a ((icebreaker /b /4 writin' at my very own product
 with grafix from /2 /a zados && /b /4 and music by iq and pjotr of northern
 mirage...  this is our last night at the byterapers' party and we have just
 started heavy drinking... my neck is a bit better but who cares.... now i
 give the "-board to &&:      ***  its me again, but i guess i have to in
troduce myself...  i was irwin, but nowadays i am zados -&&&- that was the
 indonesian famous zados copyright sign!!!  /a &&&&&&&&& /0 /b /4  yeah! 
 last 'party or die' -demo was a real success, because of becker's face!!!
 do you need $ anymore, the reader?? nice note!!    there was too young #s
 in iisalmi downtown, but the disco, which was arranged by bytepigs, was
 that i heard andra mannis... shit this must be the /a  great )  /0 /b /4    
 n((((   %%%%   zados means $ is too big for a girl which is only 12 years 
 old... in fact, i am a bad uncle for little girls... i am grazy about 
 young girls which have big tits and sweat bunny... pervert!!!     
  i will start my trainings how i should rape a girl aged 13!!!!    
 /c   did you get an erection, my child???!!!    qak yak oak....     /d 
  &&&   well, i like to ask you all to stop saying 'lamers' cos everybody
 is a piece of god, but.... i don't mean that nobody is perfect!!!  can you
 fuck?!  dead meat....   i will leave you now... forever!!!! ****               
 ooonh now its my &gryzor& turn  !!!!! i love young girls  aaahhhhhh
 coz i had one goldie girl in that fucking lemo disco......    
 i will miss her tits  rah rah rah !!!    now im leaving keaboard to u body
 so fuck off !!!!    ok this is rockstar of byterapers here tapping the keyboard
d, i wonder what the shit i am doing on an amiga, but who cares!!!! monster 
tried to steal my beer and the whole corridor is soaken wet. ok grendel is
jumping and telling that he absolutely wants to write sumthing here right now.
wso here you are, kkkkkkennel. rockstar siknink ohvhvhvhv....!!!!! grrrrrr
   jamboo grendel from the bigbigbig byterapers inc.  country-loki came and
told i can write sum texts and ofcos i catched my chance.  yehhaa. only
pity he told me not to write my whole life-story.  i was playing empire.
  let me tell you about zados.  zados is from stack.  i swapped with him
 a long time ago on 64. then he moved fully to amiga. he must be real sick.
 and he's speaking about my mental problems..  if someone moves to amiga 
he must be very sick... amiga... blah   wow. i love him.. zadooooosss????? 
i'm crazy to you... hey better stop too much company.... zad???? 
 okko is here again... sorry i'm icebreaker. " you, is this )??? noooo.....
 i haven't copied even a single disk at these parties.... these are no
 copy-parties,just parties.... and my neck is getting better all the time
... maybe because i have started drinking vodka again... *** da ya know,
 no-one has used the special routines very much yet... so here's an example:
  /a i love # /b   /c signed ((( /d /8 yeaaahh!!! /2 shit... /4 it's gryzor's
 turn again: thanx okko ...   i love ur scroll routine   !!!!!   now okko is
 drinking vodka with apelsin juice  !!!! i think that smakar bar  ooohhhhhh
 whats a mistake tasted good is right !!!!   oh whats pomping there its sound 
 tracker master called the giant member of stiiiiiiaack   """" you!!! 
 *** /2 *** /4 *** /8 /4 lusmubreaker writing again... the world famous
 okko!! presenting you the hottest stuff: road blasters cracked by matti
 on 14.8.1988  thanx to lady becker for the original..... try to contact
 us: /2call our superline /1 358-51-19710 and ask for lady!!! /4 now it's
 oku's turn:  hi all there. -i think that was quite right?- today, when i were
 played empire three and half hour -that was my second game of it- i almost 
 throwed an vodka-bottle throught the assholemonitor, because the guru were
came and loced the machine. -what a feeling!?!- oh, i'm so bo-ring to write 
these textes cause i haven't any smart ideas. so i think i quit now and cont
working with soundtracker v2.0!!!!! i have st 1,1.8,2,3a,3b,4a,4b,5,6,7,8,9
and the mastersoundtracker v1.0, but the v 2.0 is the -al-most powerfully 
of soundtracker-series. so someone could continue::           ?              
 hi this is ddt from accession writing now!!! i was asked to write few words
 of wisdom .i have just finished my music for our new intro. think you will hear from me!!!
 commucists just packed irwin with wc-paper..... yep, it's gallstone now writing my own
 bullshit... we in fig are just finishing our new 64 demo. maybe you have it
already, if you have that old but still good machine. fuck, i don't know what
to write. i left this gayboard to someone else. so, bye all......alright who
is next ? icebreaker is next... fag out!! mony-zados is also drinking with
 me...  *** /a fag-becker is not here.... /b's time for /c vekesoft /d
to write some bullshit to this amazing ? demo...yeah...its partytime and
here will be quite strange texts coz of drinkin...but of coz u all know that
thing...what can i say...except vekesoft is here to stay...keep on readin
this crap...its getting better and better all the time...or...anyway...we,
me and loki are going home tomorrow...the rest of the freaks will maybe stay
till the weekend..-now its thursday-...i think partys are great!...hey!!! you
gotta wait for some fuckings!!!! but they are not from me...but wait!!!!
- we all love people who change texts to others intros """- someone has 
changed texts to lokis demo...after short reading you will know who that
fucking sucker read the rest of my text and read fuckings...i think
i gotta consentrade makin' music on amiga...but i will keep on swappin'...
well i have to go to watch some horror films...oh its over midnight - at
night time for watching em ???? yes whos turn it is now....
 /1 vekesoft /4 says farewell....what the fuck!!! i just found out that
 someone who call himself abigay/c   has fucked around with my demo. His texts
go like this...... greetings to loki who made this demo. this demo was improved by
abigail. don't fuck with this demo or you know what will happen to you.
well he did not/d improve my demo eccept changing the texts i wrote to the 
beginning. all my digipictures were just the same as made them. what did you 
improve???  fucky fucky!!! i think x-men, finnish gold, byterappers and 777-team
like hearing this? so if you see abigail somewhere send my fuckings!!! well
i got to go now to find out who the fuck is abigail!!!  ps. greeting to all 
friends. especially /a sami e. in heinavesi, markku tuovinen, tws/b and yippii 
who stands around... buy!    yeah, this is ypi... yip of purebyte. i was asked
to throw in some shit so here you are: shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit.  /a
that was george of pure-byte..... i'm completely out of ideas so i'll hand
 the )-board to:   hip hop shogun and so on...   zados was irwin, but irwin
 is samatha fox... ooohgh!!  death star is dead!!!  nice mezzie!!!  jungle 
command is the command, but irwin is perfect...   drink beeer!!!  and now
this is yoda of dts fucking pac-man of dts, because he has took only 5 beers
 and he is too much drunked allready.?.?.  okay freaks, deathstar isn't
 dead..  it's very alive u know...  i'm member of deathstar (u betterknow that
)  okay, and now we'll send some stickers to vyvan the ultimate bastard: fuck
 you, because you didn't bring nightmares on elm street (you ultimate lamer)
  irwin is very drunked now and he doesn't give any beerl.... oh shit   
  I thing that I'll leave the keyboard to guy, who isn't so much drunked now.
.....    fuck out hellos to irwin of x-beat -you are tougher than x-men!!-
   /a fag-man /b  -yoda gay-  and irwin the beerking.....   show us the 
the style of farting..... ppppppppppprrrrfffhhhttt   oh shit....   he really
 smells when he farts...  so stack guys are fucking to me and I'll think tha
t I'll go to get two bottles of lemonade now so hello........   no niin
 byt tulee finska text so quit this now... haista vittu haastanan apparat!!!
  olen mina grendel mutta nyt ole munamelkku!!   no jaa,frebdek is homo
 geyructus ja zambdros on hillo taas.... haista perkele saatanan hoffi!!!
 vitun pera-aukko-kusipaa-hoffi-runkka-fuck!!! : it is me again ddt from accession 
and i have nothing new bullshit to say !!so what a fuck am i writing over here good bye !!!
no voi vittu ku keksis jotain kerrottavaa ei oo yhtaan mitaan kerrottavaa ,ahaa billy idol rupes 
just soimaaan ....jengi vetaa vinaa paahan ja on onnellisen nakoisia !!!
pom pom bam bam jee jeee!!! ylos ulos ja rookille!!!!!  oota mun vuoro ...ddt again 
jee this is fun !!!!!$$$"""back in finnish...   clock is now 4.10 am  and i'm
 going to write in swedish:  jag alskar flickorna om de ska ge mig pimppa....
  ja ja och tror jag att de ska ge mig.....   fuck out!!! i hate swedish.....
 fuckings to abigay who fucked loki's demo.....   ok, that was it............
  was it it ?     yeah, that's the question!!  we are going to sauna with 
clothes on soon, so you won't here from us for a while...  we haven't gone
to sauna yet...  do you want to come to sauna with us... no you don't want
to come... oh shit.. I don't know what I'm gonna write, so if someone would
 do me a favourite, and would write some text after me, so go no, who ever you fuck...
   olen mina marko pontinen,also called as moku........