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Start at Level          01
Unlimited Lifes         NO
------- Start Game -------

  Cracked and trained by Softsmash.   We say HI to: Vision Factory & Bencor Brothers, Eclipse, Black Monks, Scoopex, Threat, Piranhas, World of Wonders, Aces, The Band, Kefrens, Defjam & CCS & Spreadpoint, Trilogy, Alpha Flight, Ipec Elite, Jungle Command, Red Sector, Tartan Army & Supply Team, Warfalcons, CPU-JOY-MGF, Iron Eagle Crew, Deathstar, Rebels, Cascade, Bamiga Sector 1, Northstar & Silents, Avirex, Beastie Boys, Powerslaves, Topswap, DDC, Fairlight, Zigag & Tolkien, ACC & TSK, Whizzard, Escape, Free Access, Crusaders, Energy, Axenon, IBB & Digitech, Accession, Cosmos, Team-X, Hexagon, The Gurus, Setrox, Extreme, The Outsider, Dual Crew  and to  Kirsti.                Write to:  SUBWAY & DREAM TEAM  Postlagernd  A-2514 Traiskirchen   ...or...   SUBWAY & DREAM TEAM  Postlagernd  A-8015 Graz...