mod.sid comeback
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sid comeback

god, do i hate making
chiptunes or what!
i dunno why, i just
-hate- it. perhaps it
is because they are
so short. everything
has to be very short
ok, that's quite easy
to do with the sounds
but you also have to
make sure that you do
not use too many
patterns, coz they're
what fill in a chippy
ok, no more crap from
me. my name is --->
      7he freak      
          o f        
regards goes to:
acoma, easy of focus
design, the violator-
(thanx for that meg!)
zawran (thanx for the
frontier help),
menace, eh... and...
well, the rest of
see you in another
text. no more to say,
no reason to stay. 93