mod.daisy chain
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daisy chain

digis were made short
by the piranha of the
vamps...   but do not
worry about it ....  
the song has still   
the full romantic    
power. (gelle skytec)
hi crb    this tune  
is really very great.
hi red sector inc    
hi protons (ah yeah)
hi scroopex .... etc.
fuck off the unreal  
executer. coz they
do not give us any
stuff. fuck off.  and
coz they are big-fat 
lamers who believe to
be great.     ok then
some vamps-intern    
hallos to : the red b
dreamer   stage 4    
skytec    tevox      
  thats it folks.... 
 bye bye   and cu ...
the piranha of vamps 
on 7.8.1990          
p.s. i am 17 years of
age and i am allready
an oncle      cool eh