Music Collection 06
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  ]>Key         Songtitle               Composer/Converter/Group<[  
    F1.         FlashDance              Yawron of The Giants        
    F2.         Chicago Song            Nightlight of Kefrens       
    F3.         BeastSong               Sanction                    
    F4.         Beat it                 Diablo of Budbrain          
    F5.         Niagra                  Dr.Awesome of Crusaders     
    F6.         Black Hole              Lord Interface of Andromeda 
    F7.         EndTheme2               Diablo of Budbrain          
    F8.         The Edge                Filippetto of Savage        
    F9.         New Generation          No Limits                   
    F10.        Bobzone                 Dual Crew                   
    Shift-F1.   Crushing                MadMax                      
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