Brain Carnage
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 if you want to contact me (B52) for fun, write to: STEPHANE MALSERT , CHAMBOEUF , 21220 GEVREY CHAMBERTIN , FRANCE  hope you like this product, se ya!

    yo! freaks, the creator of this musikdisk is writing= B    i want to type some words before working for my exam next week= i did nothing during the year, specialy those two last month coz i spent a lot of time in front of my monitor, coding this disk! yep! it will be finished (i hope!) after this scroll. actually, i am listening to a great tape= FRONT = front by front, i love their work!!!       wait a moment while i am looking for a beer!             where is this fucking shit? it is empty, then i must find another one (full of course) !!!   keep cool...        you want to know the name of it ?   KREAK FOUDROYANTE from belgium (the best of all)   but what this noise?  who is knocking at my door? shit, CPT is coming, i was sure the door was locked ! (i quickly hide my bottle under the table)  heeeeellllllooooooo  guuuyyyy !!!!!  what`s up ???   (i think he was dead...)  sorry mate,but i have no drink left, my fridge is totally empty...  you want to try some scrolltyping ???  ok but take care of my 500....  yo, how is this shit working ???  i know! the keys must be pressed to modify the screen....  hey b52 , can you work with this toaster ?  well, what can i do with this?  i know, let`s type some advertissements=  HYSTERIA is looking for all kind of members (everyone, but GOOD enough to release powerful demos), contact CPT (no illegal swapping) under=    benjamin chape, rue de vergy, 21220 chamboeuf, france       you know boys, it`s time for our personnal messages=        from CPT=        to ... of FLASHERS= hello guy, cool swapping, see you in my next sending.     to wooper of PROFECY=   hello mate,send fast...        to origin of ADDONIC=  sorry for the delay, but it`s school time month...      to PROLOGIC= good stuff you sent, keep on working like this        to IMAGE=   thanks for the answer, hope the swapp will work...      to oliver of SACC FOUNDATION=   please guy, change your slogan= be fast and cool...   cool that`s sure... fast???                    now it`s the turn of b52= i send some messages to fishbone of ROLLMOPS= thanks for the 3d mathematic formulas, i will work on them these holidays....    to chris of DOX= nice tapes you send (DO YOU SPEAK MARTIEN??), keep on, your letters are great...    to honk of SPHYNX= good sendings, don`t stop.....  to kool of ACS= i hope you don`t forget me?       to gohr of REFLEXES= nice sendings, keep on.. as you see, i know how to do copperplasma too ( c`est moi qui l`ai fait!!!! )....   to tax of ATLAS= i know you`ll pass your exams soon but was it really useful stopping all your activities.....  to SAFY of ATLAS= don`t forget me, very nice to meet you....   to blue silence of ATLAS= thanks a lot for your great music, front 242 rule!!!          well guys, time to go to sleep...                                      little message from b52= all the music are at the adress 58e00......                                                           


 bedtime stories....................cpt 
 noises of darkness.................cpt 
 boom boom party....................cpt silence 
 out of inspiration.................cpt 
 intro theme........................cpt 
       > brain carnage volume 1 <       
            >              <            

    Brain Carnage Volume 1....    The first -and maybe the last one if the things keeps on working like this- music-disk of HYSTERIA.                This stuff was fully coded by  B52 , totally painted by CPT , and integrally sonorized  by Blue Silence -from the new french rising group called: ATLAS- and CPT... -one of the two last Hysterics!-        This disk is fully FREEWARE, it means that you are not allowed to get money from OUR work... -understand, french bastards of FREE-DISTRIBUTION ???-     if you have bought this stuff, contact us immediatly -wait a bit for the add- , we will use judicial proceeding to protect our work... -    -nous connaissons nos droits, peteux...-               -Press The Mouse To Run The Main Part-