Black Lion Musicdisk 1
Text Inside this Production

This song is the song from the intro of the Music Disk. It  
use a lot of small samples which make the spacial effects   
and with the volume effect. This song was made 2 years ago  
but I think it is always nice to hear it ! I would like     
make a tune with a spacial dominant so the chief of all     
the music must be effects which can give a spacial depth    
with samples which didn't take much memory.                 
This song use samples sampled from synthesiser Solton MS1   
it's a chromatic keyboard (like an accordion). The sounds   
are fine,somes piano and string are very real. Some         
samples, especially for the bass rythm are piece of compact 
 disk source sampled. One sample is Janet Jackson voice,    
and yes, the guys who sing it's me with some echo,delay     
effects. Not so bad eh! This song is the big one with 317 K.
The voices samples take a lots of memory                    
Melody for Piano                                            
I think this song is one of my better. I love playing piano 
it's a magic instrument. The Piano Sample come from the     
Agony Song. The Bass rytm are the same of Catastrophy ( why 
change samples when there are perfects ? It's stupid !!! ). 
The Chorus instrument is a piece sampled from the Enya CD   
( you know the girl who sing for the film FAR AND AWAY with 
Tom Cruise.).                                               
What this song ? It's not a music for a Music Disk! That's  
right! This song is made for an adventure game on PC Scene. 
It's the 3rd song part of the game! It exist 3 others       
modules like this one. One for the first level, one for the 
second level and one for the end part which is the best of  
the 4. Maybe you'll can hear it if the game interest some   
editors to commercialise it. So if your are interested,     
write here and I'll give you more informations.             
Explorer was at the beginning a module for the end part of  
a demo but for memory reasons ( and personnal reasons from  
someone else )this song never had his place. Strange no! I  
think this song was made for an end part demo. Maybe the    
flut has some tune problem why? Because this song used the  
Cia and when I made glissando effect,it was adapt for CIA   
and not for the VBLANK so if you want the correct mod write 
me and I'll send it. This song during more than 3 minutes   
before cycling again and it's the smaller module of this    
Music Disk with 88 K.                                       
System H                                                    
H like House Music ! Yah guys,If ya gonna think this Music  
Disk wasn't in the music actuality, Take this in yours ears!
 This is not German Hardcore, It's not English House, Techno
 and lala.lala music, this is BELGIUM HOUSE with a small    
similar Deep House and also some Electric samples. I hope   
you'll like it exept if you think Hardcore or an another    
style is the only one good in the world. This mod use 160 K 
 (not so much for a house mod.) and it during about 2.40    
this song is one of the most older I had make, It take 141 K
memory. Most of the samples come from the E-20 synthesiser  
from Roland. I love synthesisers . Somes Robotic Voices are 
coming from the MTv's Reebok publicity ( you know the one's 
 call 'Planet Reebok.' Yeah that's it!). What say more about
 this song ? It during aproximately 2.30 minutes.           
Hello everybody! I'm BLACK LION. This music disk is now finish... 
I hope! I would like to thanks JMZ who code this Music Disk in a  
very short delay. Some informations about this Music Disk. All the
code is make by JMZ, the GFX by me (I don't have a graphist who   
have time for me so ...). Some explanations about this screen.   

 Just click  with the left mouse button on the name and the module
will be play. The scroll text above is associate at the song you  
have choosen. This scroll text is continus and you must just click
on the gadget to activate it. To quit press ESC or press both     
Mouse buttons. U can also use it via WB & like a player (press    
Amiga Left & Key .                                             
Technical Informations                                            
All the musics are composed with Protracker,the best tracker on   
the scene. For the playroutine, I must do some changes, I was     
using the CIA mode (you know the tempo) and the routine don't use 
it so maybe the BPM are not exactly, but it was better than put   
musics too fast or too slow.Thanks to UNIX to give me the idea for
this wile.                                                        
Hard disk installation                                            
This music disk can be put on your hard disk. The installation is 
very simple, you just need to copy the floppy on a drawer of your 
HD. I'll recommend you to create a new drawer especially for the  
music disk. Don't forget to copy CRM.library in your libs drawer! 
Code, Music, GFX Informations                                     
The source code is from JMZ, the GFX by me (if a graphist who have
time want to send me a picture. I'll put it if it's nice for      
the next one. Musics are tracked and arranged by me. Some modules 
were making using the CIA, like the replayroutine didn't accept it
I must use a wile, write on each line a Speed Effect (F03,F02).   
Address, contacts                                                 
Here is our address where you can write us or phone. Pay attention
We are not interested to swap games, illegal stuffs, copy of big  
program. Only swap samples or modules of your creation, I promess 
you to answer at the interesting letters, software companies      
letters also interest me, here's my address                       
Black Lion(BLI): Peruch David                                     
                 sentier de la bourse, 35                         
                 6061 Montignies s/s                              
                 BELGIUM     Tel:+32/(0)71/31.55.27               
Music Disk Information                                            
Normally this music disk goes well on all Amiga machine. The code 
had make in this sense but it will be possibly is not so if your  
Amiga don't accept it write me early, tell me your type of Amiga  
and we try to cure it to give you a good version.                 
Greetings are going to FRED/Poseidon, Black Screen, NICK, UNIX,   
WOTH (I'll phone you soon,I'm too lazy to write you), THE JUDGE   
who left the scene now but I hope you'll see this,man, WONDERBOY  
(what about the game ?), SNORGLUB PC Scene ( alors Olivier ca va  
le jeu?), members of INFOBIA PC TEAM, LIZARDKING ( memorial song  
was very good,when an another Music Disk ?), KOD of BABYLON 5 PC  
TEAM ( I hope all goes well with this group), Alexi, DRACS, MAD,  
PERCY, Spads, Insider,Dark Dragon ... and all people who know me  
and who I had forgot.                                             
SEE YA IN ANOTHER MUSIC DISK PACK !!!                             
         M I L L E N I U M               

mod.melody 4 piano
U N K N O W N    / COMPUTER SONG