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please greet mike in 
   yer fuckin' rip   
hope ya like thiz tun
  and it is based on 
  muzak from movie:  
  thiz zak has been  
written two years ago
and we have forgotten
   'bout that  so... 
  get up and dance   
  it is party time   
      isn't it       
   it is 1991.01.05  
    time: 00:44:14   
    b' cool fucker   
  kebab rulez 4ever  
   kebab smieszy     
    kebab radzi      
kebab jaja ci wysadzi
  wash yer' ass dear 
   fuckin' ripper    
 i hate lamers 'coz  
they're lame'n'stupid
 only elite survive  
   fuck ya' and...   
   yer' horse too.   
    pierdolcie sie   
 fuckez from duddie  
(c)1989 mike/quartet