mod.pimenty communety
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pimenty communety

(melody madness ii)
by manhunter/panic
greetinx to:
  jester / sanity    
  16-beat / sanity   
 chris korte / af
    gillet/ ?
 bass / splash 
done for piranhas
multi demo !!!
hey piranha i hope
you like the song ! 
i hope you can use it
i^ve cut the samples
buts its 146928 long
sorry !!
d o n t  c u t  t h e
s a m p l e s again!!
to get a music or
swapp samples write
to manhunter of panic
patrick stockschlader
bollnbach 1
d-5243 herdorf
  - = p a n i c = -  
the name tells all !