Acid Slam-Crest-Lightforce Meeting Invitation
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     If you want to be a part of this meeting then you can reach us on ACID SLAM and leave mail to any of the organizers for the location address....    Organizers are...      Digiman, Infinity, RKR, aLPHA ONe, SIRIaX      By the way you can try to contact us via IRC at AMIELITE aswell!.....           Before we finish this scroller i want to tell you some other party details for the night........     a beamer will show legendary scenestuff while you can listen to progressive techno beats all over the night.....         so dont miss to be there ....           l8rs....           

     Acid Slam - CREST - Lightforce 
          Meeting on 99-08-21

 Due to the fact that all big parties
 SUCK nowadays cause of hundred Doom
 playing idiots - we decided to make
 a 100% AMIGA only meeting!

 By the way everyone is highly welcome
 at this meeting - we just want to avoid
 to have masses of idiots here who dont
 know what they are talking about, 
 since they did Never belong to the
 Amiga Scene!

 Intro:  Alpha One & SIRIaX - CREST!