Coder, Texter, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1992-1995
  • Country: Austria
  • Known as member of Alcatraz in 1992-1994, Essence in 1995

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downloadsR.O.M. 3Diskmagazine
AGA Chipset required
Airwalk - Andy - Chorus - ...
added 5/97

Interview Text

Disney of Sanity has left the scene before the fall of 1994. After having caused a major stir in the scene, with the release of the serious disk magazine Compass, the so-called Devil of the scene (who actually isn't any more devilish than anyone of us), decided to put an end to his scene life, to dedicate his time, studying Telematic at the Graz University.

Disney waved goodbye to nine whole years of scening, in time with the fall of Commodore. A scene legend like Disney, couldn
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downloadThe Almighty 1Diskmagazine
Adderly - Baal - Billy The Kid - ...
added 3/98