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downloadNew Little IntroTimex
Barf - Bizox - Dr. Satan
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Members and Subgroups of Timex

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Member NameTask(s)Known as Member in YearCountry
AgnusCoder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist1990-1991 Germany
AgroSpreader1990 Australia
BacklashTexter, Packdisk Editor, Spreader1990-1991 Germany
BarfCoder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist1990-1991 Sweden
BizoxCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist1990 Sweden
CalypsoCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Sysop, Leader1990-1991 Germany
CrapGraphics Artist1991 Germany
DangerGraphics Artist1990
DixGraphics Artist1991
Do-xTexter, Swapper, Spreader1990-1991 Germany
Dr. DeathSwapper1990 Germany
Dr. Dre (aka Dr. Oetker)Texter, Packdisk Editor, Sysop, Swapper1991 Germany
Dr. NimsGraphics Artist1991 Germany
Dr. SatanCoder, Texter, Swapper, Leader1990 Sweden
Dr. YesCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist1990 Sweden
HeatseekerCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist1991 Germany
Jack The RipperMusic Artist1990
LawbreakerSwapper1990-1991 Germany
Mr. CometMusic Artist, Graphics Artist1990 Germany
R 24Music Artist1990 Sweden
ScorbutSwapper1990-1991 Germany
Sector 7Coder1991 Germany
SpeedGraphics Artist1990
Super Action 80 (aka Sa-80)Coder, Music Artist, Texter1991 Germany
SuperionGraphics Artist, Swapper1990-1991 Germany
System XCoder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Modem Trader1991 Germany
TerrahunterMusic Artist1990-1991 Germany
The Prisoner (aka Prisoner)Texter, Packdisk Editor, Swapper, Organizer1991 Germany
TorkelMusic Artist, Texter1990 Sweden
TsathogguaCoder, Graphics Artist, Swapper1990 Sweden
WolfCoder, Texter, Swapper1990 Sweden