• Known as active in 1988
  • Known as member of XXX International in 1988
  • Also with this name: Axel, Axel (Drool Zone) (NL), Axel (Treacl, Possessed, Undercover) (DE), Axel, Axel (Brainstorm, The Perfects, Sound Wizards) (CH), Axel (D-Tect), Axel (Zenith, Alcatraz) (CH), Axel (Soundwave, Steel), Axel (Vision Factory), Axel (Sanity), Axel (Alchemy) (PL), Axel (Bomb, Melting Pot) (FR), Axel (Humans, Eclipse) (IE), Axel (Black Aces), Axel (Megahead) (IT), Axel (Ozone, Hemoroids) (FR), Axel (Hemoroids) (FR), Axel (Axel Retro-Software) (IT), Axel (Tetragon) (NL)

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