Coder, Texter, Sysop, Cracker

  • Known as active since 1988
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Known as member of Random Access in 1988-1990, Switch since 1989
  • Ex System Operator of Data Cafe in 1990-1991
  • Published series: OVL musicdisks
  • Also with this name: Jarre (The Electronic Knights, Vision, Crux, Mystic, Incal/Incal Posse/Incal Inc., Weyland Yutani) (CH), Jarre (Red Sector Inc., Defjam, Australian Crackers United, Angels, Computerbrains Cracking Service/CCS, Fresh (Australia), Punishers, Switch, The Fire Starters, Phantasie, Fusion (old)) (AU), Jarre (Pseudo-Ops), Jarre (Resolution 101), Jarre (Trash Hackers), Jarre (CADCAM/Cool And Def Crazy Amiga Maniacs), Jarre (Magic) (DE)

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no music - Cli-Menu Packdisk
added 11/18