Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1991-1994
  • Country: Germany
  • Known as: Scott (in 1993), Prince (in 1991-1994)
  • Known as member of The Electronic Knights in 1991-1994
  • Also with this name: Prince (Share And Enjoy), Prince (Mayhem), Prince (Clinique), Prince (Spaceballs) (NO), Prince (Cascade 1733) (DE), Prince (Euphoria) (FI), Prince (Alcatraz) (CH), Prince (Phoenix) (FR), Prince (Phaze 101) (MT), Prince (Cyclone) (FR), Prince (Genesis (Australia)) (AU), Prince (Scoopex, Rebels, TRSI, Commando Frontier/Commandofrontier, The Austria Crew) (AT), Prince (Limited Edition, Rektum) (PL), Prince (Clique), Prince (Intuition) (FI), Scott (Demons) (FR), Scott (Inferno, Blabla) (PL), Scott (Assault Inc.) (GB), Scott (Magnetic Fields, Panic, Awesome), Scott (Spaceballs, Addonic) (NO), Scott (Mercenary), Scott (Brainstorm) (CH), Scott (Crystal, Oracle, Angels, Accumulators, Tartan Army, Dulcet Tones, Genesis) (GB), Scott (Vanish, Crush (DE)), Scott (LSD/Light Speed Distribution) (GB), Scott (The Fire Starters), Scott (ERM) (GB)

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