• Known as member of Sonic in 1993-1994, Oblivion in 1994
  • Also with this name: Candyman (Paradise) (SE), Candyman (Cyanide, Centura, Power Zone (Netherlands)) (NL), Candyman (Giants, Session, Sardonyx, Crux & Bad Karma) (SE), Candyman (Bad Karma) (GB), Candyman (Therapy) (GB), Candyman (Leader Productions, Diffusion, Realms, Phase, Electron) (FI), Candyman (Abyss, Beyond, Royal House) (DE), Candyman (The Silents, Scoopex, Desire, Vogue) (NL), Candyman (Neo, Over The Top) (GB), Candyman (D-Mob, Big Deal) (SE)

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