Coder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1987-1991
  • Country: Germany
  • Known as: TSM (in 1987-1991), The Sound Machine (in 1988)
  • Known as member of Sunriders in 1987-1991
  • Also with this name: TSM (Vision, Atomic Fallout, Taj Mahal) (NL), TSM (TRSI, Action, Surprise! Productions) (DE), Tsm (Exterminators), TSM (Lunatics, Desire, Substance) (GB), Tsm (Tectron, Temple Of Doom, Bate's Motel) (DE)

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Oks Import Division
Marvin - Sunriders - TSM
added 3/08
As Member of SunridersCategoryAuthorYear
downloadThe Golden Sun News Special IssueDiskmagazine
M.G. - Psycho-Billy - The Outsider - ...
added 2/18