Tomsoft (Thomas Landspurg)
Coder, Texter, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1989-1991
  • Country: France
  • Known as: Digital Wizard (in 1989-1990), Thomas Landspurg (realname), Tom (in 1989-1991), Tomsoft (in 1989)
  • Known as member of Tomsoft in 1989-1991
  • Also with this name: Tom (Spreadpoint, Amiga Industries) (DE), Tom (Complex, Advance) (FI), Tom (Fairlight), Tom (Savage) (AT), Tom (Paradox, Combat 18), Tom (Pussy) (FR), Tom (Vixen), Tom (Abyss, Exxon) (AT), Tom (D-Tect, The Mysterious Team) (CH), Tom (Genetic) (SE), Tom (Dual Crew), Tom (Aurora) (SE), Tom (Paradise), Tom (Coma), Tom (Paragon, Arctic Force) (NO), Tom (Cryptoburners, Amonia) (NO), Tom (Voice), Tom (Trilogy), Tom (Ringard Production) (FR), Tom (Possessed, Prime Evil, Bros) (DE), Tom (Darkness) (FR), Tom (Submission), Tom (The Wizards Inc), Tom (Manitou) (AT), Tom (Hoodlum) (DE), Tom (Slipstream, Goldfire) (GB), Tom (Timelords), Tom (Styx) (TR), Tom (Goblins) (ES), Tom (Reality (PL), Nexus(PL)) (PL), Tom (TRSI, Union, Suspect, Beton Dezign, Katharsis, Tpdl) (PL), Tom (Nasasoft), Tom (Drix), Tom (Wanton), Tom (Trade), Tom (The New Age, Power) (US), Tom (Savory) (DE), Tom (Atf), Tom (NL), Tom (D.T.A. Software Studio) (SK), Tom (Division) (CZ), Tom (DE), Tom (AmigaWave) (ES), Tom (Innovation), Tomsoft (The Nightwalkers) (HU)

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Interviews with Tomsoft (Thomas Landspurg)

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Interview Text

        ³¼Interview with Thomas Landspurg¼

³TS:² Can you introduce youself?

³TL:¹ Once  again!   Well,  I'm  24 years old, I have finished my studies and I'm
    working.  I'm using an Amiga since 3 years.

³TS:² Why have you chosen the Amiga?

³TL:¹ At  the time,having regards to his quality and its price,the Amiga has been
    and is still the best computer.

³TS:² What is your configuration? Is it enough for you?

³TL:¹ I  have  an  A500  with 2 drives, a 100 Mb hard disk an
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Interview Text

In June 90 there was a competition by the French magazine 'Generation 4' and one could win a Archimedes and a MutiSync Monitor. Some weeks later there was also a copy-party called 'Red Sector and Silents Summer Conference 1990'. So, Thomas Landspurg (Tom Soft) worked at this time on a demo with the name 'A Trip To Mars' and decided to finnish it at first for the Gen 4 competition. Well, what has happened? the following text to get more information about Tom, he was interviewed by Chester
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on Alcatraz Pentcost Party
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Interview Text

We  met  Thomas  Landsburg  at the 
RSI-Spectral-AFL  Party  in Luxem- 
bourg.  If  you  don't know Tom L. 
then  shame on you! He was the guy 
that  programmed  the  first  real 
Vector  Bobs,  and  he  called his 
demo  also Vector Bobs. Then after 
him   everybody  else  started  to 
improve   upon  his  idea.  Anyway 
Thomas  Landsburg  has been inter- 
viewed  for  you  by  Majestic  
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