Dark Team

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Members and Subgroups of Dark Team

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Member NameTask(s)Known as Member in YearCountry
BananCoder, Texter, Raytracer1995 Poland
DziubaGraphics Artist1999 Poland
EthniTexter1999 Poland
FlameCoder1999 Poland
FrancTexter1995-1999 Poland
KennyGraphics Artist1993-1995 Poland
KialaRaytracer1993-1995 Poland
KrepaHacker1993-1995 Poland
LimaCoder1993-1995 Poland
LxkCoder, Graphics Artist1995 Poland
ManiacMusic Artist1995 Poland
MaxsoftMusic Artist, Texter1995-1999 Poland
OskarTexter, Graphics Artist1999 Poland
PyrasGraphics Artist1995 Poland
RafsoftCoder, Graphics Artist1995 Poland
SiudymMusic Artist1999 Poland
TerixCoder1999 Poland
ViolaSwapper1995 Poland
ViperTexter, Swapper1995 Poland
X-manCoder, Graphics Artist1995