Curt Cool
Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Diskmag Editor, Packdisk Editor, Series Publisher, Swapper, Modem Trader

  • Known as active in 1993-2019
  • Country: Denmark
  • Known as member of Depth since 1993, Nah-Kolor since 2016, Kinky in 1995-1997, Deque in 2000

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downloadSpeed 38
on TRIP 98
Bald Horse - Blaze - Curt Cool - ...
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downloadShowtime 14Diskmagazine
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Adok - Ankh - Attack - ...
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                              Curt Cool / Depth                          
               Danish musician/editor/trader/organizer on Amiga          
                   English interview on irc by Dire in 1999              
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downloadRetro 2Diskmagazine
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Dr. Death - Genetix - Jace - ...
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Handle:     Curt Cool
Group(s):   Depth 

Age:        21
Occupation: Musician, Swapper, Editor, World Organizer.

What utilities do you use the most? (Name 3 of them!)
- Protracker, ExoticRipper, Spot, Yam, Miami, HippoPlayer, AmIRC,
  CygnusEditor, SuperDuper (Sorry, I got hooked ;)

How long have you been on the scene?
- Since The Party 2.

What do you think of the scene today?
- Nice - but I miss the time of the legends, the time when the scene was
  still growing and packed with new talents
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downloadVisitors 1Diskmagazine
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Phase Truce
Hangman - Kro - Neuromancer
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This  interview  was done in "95, so it"s
old,  but...   Nevermind.  Interview with
Curt         Cool/Depth^Kinky        made
Timer/Appendix^Depth (old times, hehehe).

Hello  friends!   This  time  We"ll  read
about  my  organiser  Curt Cool, so let"s

Timer: Hello Curt Cool!

Curt Cool: Hello Timer!

Timer:   At  first write some words about
Yourself and the group You are in.

Curt  Cool:   Well,  I"m  20 years old, I
have  been  on the scene since the end of
1992,  in  
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downloadDevotion 1Diskmagazine
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Abyss - Adam - Adok - ...
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!Interview With Curt Cool
By Sane/Ex-Scoopex
Interview With CurtCool

"I who is a keen Amiga fan have thought about buying a pc - as a supplement to my Amiga of course." - Curt Cool

Hello Curt Cool. We are very pleased you could find some time in your busy schedule to answer some of our spicy questions! Could you please start by introducing yourself properly and tell our readers all there is to know about your scene and real life!

Curt Cool:
I'm Curt Cool/Depth, my real name is Frank, I'
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