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Interviews with Dire

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downloadThe Jungle 1Diskmagazine
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Interview Text

     I n t e r v i e w   w i t h  
   D e s t r o y e r   /   T D D  


²TJ: First, introduce yourself a little bit! (Age, Handle and Group, yar carrier, ........
¹Destroyer: Yobba! My real name is Nicolai Barbat and I`m 17 now. I live near Wuppertal, United Germany, at the moment but I was born in Schalke. My handle is Destroyer and I`m editor and swapper of The Dark Demon Germany. Look out for our diskmag  Midnite Mess 2 coming soon! First I were in a small crew which was called Heavyso
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downloadCows'n'Snakefights 5Diskmagazine
Altruist - Balder - Browallia - ...
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Interview Text

Interprocessing: Dire
   performed by: Browallia

Browallia: Hi Dire! Introduction-phases are 
forever! For my help I take the nasty
trick using the metaphore of a taperecorder
         (please dont  :) )

Dire:  ;) Describing 28 years in one 
single sentence is quite difficult.  I feel 
free to use more then ;)  My brother bought 
his first Amiga back in 1986,  being one of 
the first Amigans here in Germany I guess. 
Soon after I sucked enough money
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downloadShowtime 14Diskmagazine
AGA Chipset required - interviews
Adok - Ankh - Attack - ...
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Interview Text

           Dire / Eremation, ex-Ascii Unlimited, ex-The Dark Demon       
                       German editor/ex-trader on Amiga                  
                      English interview by Crown in 1999                 
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