Dr. Doom
Coder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1999-2006
  • Country: Denmark
  • Known as: Cupid (in 1999-2001), Dr. Doom (in 2001-2006), Doom (in 2005)
  • Known as member of Iris in 2000-2006, Darkage in 2000-2001, Unique in 1999-2000
  • Also with this name: Doom (Gothic) (DE), Doom (Energy) (DE), Doom (Dual Crew, Byte Busters, Grace, Design) (DE), Doom (Powerline, Fiction, Flatline, Pioneer Design) (SE), Doom (Phase) (FI), Doom (Celeste, Design, Waltons) (DE), Doom (The Brotherhood), Doom (Vision Labs) (PL), Dr. Doom (Amega Industries) (NO), Dr. Doom (Dictators), Dr. Doom (Horizon), Dr. Doom (Team-X) (FI), Dr. Doom (Actors) (NO), Dr. Doom (Zlorfix) (NO), Dr. Doom (Tml) (NL), Dr. Doom (X-treme) (DE), Dr. Doom (Paranoids)

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Interviews with Dr. Doom

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Apex - Arux - Balder - ...
added 4/07
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downloadD.I.S.C 12Diskmagazine
Gods & Iris
Darkhawk - Dr. Doom - Dran - ...

Interview Text


By Dr. Darkhawk

Ehrr, or.. Today I will be interwieving a person from our own group, that
is Dr. Doom of IRIS, who recently had his handle changed from Cupid to Dr.
Doom. We will be, respectfully and carefully, asking him why he took such a
name, aswell as delve into his past, his present and his future dreams and
ambitious plans for world conquest. 

Dr. Darkhawk: So, first off, introduce yourselves to the readers, who will
likely know you from your work on the EC
... read more