Music Artist, Texter

  • Known as active in 1994-2008
  • Country: Norway
  • Known as member of Iris in 1995, Void in 1996, Rave Network Overscan in 1996, Phuture 303 in 1996-1998
  • Also with this name: Zany (Complex, Virtual Dreams, Offworld) (FI), Zany (Savage, Doom, Grace, Frantic (Finland)) (FI), Zany (Energy) (DE), Zany (2000 AD, Palace, Vanity, Susperia/Suspiria) (DK), Zany (Piranhas, Chronos, High Tension), Zany (Deadlock), Zany (Xerox), Zany (Technotronic), Zany (Noxious, Metallians) (SE)
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