Texter, Graphics Artist, Diskmag Editor, Raytracer

  • Known as active in 1994-1999
  • Country: Norway
  • Known as member of Gods in 1995-1998, Faith in 1999, Tonic in 1994
  • Also with this name: Joint (Illusion (new)), Joint (Paradox, Desire, Mellow, Extince, Titan, Smellon) (NL)

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downloadRetro 2Diskmagazine
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Dr. Death - Genetix - Jace - ...
added 11/11

Interview Text

Handle:     Joint
Group(s):   Gods

Age:        22
Occupation: Graphician

What utilities do you use the most? (Name 3 of them!)
- PhotoShop, Lightwave 3D 5.0, Bryce 2, 3D-Studio release 4.

How long have you been on the scene?
- Four years, on and off...

What do you think of the scene today?
- It has become less platform dependent, but still we have the old "Intel
  Outside" mentality (which might be true; won't discuss this here...) 
  which is really a very infantile way of saying you prefe
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