Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1994-1995
  • Country: Germany
  • Known as member of Trackers in 1994-1995
  • Also with this name: Dna (Sepultura (Turkey)) (TR), DNA (Grotesticle), Dna (Pearl), DNA (Rave Network Overscan, Legacy, Fanatic) (FI), Dna (Epic), DNA (Illusion (new)) (PL), Dna (Napalm), Dna (Crysis) (GB), DNA (Imperators), DNA (Amiga Rulez) (DE)

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Releases that mention this Person as a Member

As Member of TrackersCategoryAuthorYear
downloadSchleck Schleck
aka Letmaelk II
AGA Chipset required
Protein - The Chosen One