Music Artist, Texter

  • Known as active in 1991-2003
  • Country: Denmark
  • Known as: Nick (in 1991-1992), Unison (in 1992-2003)
  • Known as member of Rebels in 1992-1993, Upfront in 1993, Bastards in 1991-1992, Impact Dk in 1993-2003, Kaos Design in 1992
  • Also with this name: Nick (Spaceballs, Addonic, Offence) (NO), Nick (Dynax), Nick (Poseidon) (BE), Nick (Demons), Nick (Depth) (SE), Nick (Rebels, Warfalcons/The Warfalcons, Cascade 1733) (SE), Nick (Mute 101, Sigma) (SE), Nick, Nick (Zylon/Zylon/alpha Flight), Nick (LSD/Light Speed Distribution) (DE), Nick (Laser Dance) (DE), Nick (Nova Acies), Nick (Digital Chaos), Nick (World Fantasies) (PL), Nick (Impulse (other)), Nick (Doctor Destroy Team) (FR), Nick (The Mixers), Nick (Apocalypse Bay, Pyramid) (FR), Unison (Psykotrope, Ukonx, Empire) (FR)

About Unison

Was an Amiga 500 Computer user.

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downloadPure Complexity Remix
Job: Music
Impact Dk
AGA Chipset required
added 3/16

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downloadThe Party '91 Compo SlideSlideshow
Bitman - Executer - Flesh - ...
added 6/95
As Member of Impact DkCategoryAuthorYear
AGA Chipset required
Impact Dk
Blizzart - Chronic - Fazion - ...