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BBS of Kingdom

BBS NameTypeYear(s)Country
Castle Rock1994 Switzerland
Crystal Caverns1994 New Zealand
Imperial Waste1994-1995 Norway
Interchange1995 Sweden
Metal ConnextionMultinodes1995-1996 Denmark
Metal ImpactMultinodes, Changing number(s), Ringdown, Major BBS, Busted, Multi-groups BBS1995 Belgium
Sky Tower1993-1994 Denmark
Static ChaosMultinodes1993-1995 Denmark
The Hole (USA)Multinodes, Changing number(s)1994-1995 USA

Members and Subgroups of Kingdom

Subgroup NameTask(s)Known as Subgroup in Year(s)Countries
Member NameTask(s)Known as Member in YearCountry
ConanCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Packdisk Editor, Series Publisher, Trainer Maker, Cracker Denmark
CraftCoder1995 Denmark
DaveOriginal Supplier1995 United Kingdom
DeatureCoder, Texter, Organizer, Modem Trader, Cracker, Founder1994-1995 Denmark
FleshCoder, Coder, Trainer Maker, Cracker1994-1995 Norway
GalaxyCoder, Texter, Packdisk Editor, Sysop, Trainer Maker1993-1994 Germany
HeatCoder, Texter, Sysop, Series Publisher, Trainer Maker, Cracker, Founder1993-1995 Denmark
JanitorTexter, Graphics Artist, Packdisk Editor, Swapper, Organizer, Modem Trader1995 Denmark
JsonCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Sysop1994-1996 Denmark
King FahdCoder, Texter, Cracker1995 Denmark
Mr. HydeTexter, Diskmag Editor, Sysop, Modem Trader1994-1996 Denmark
NewtonCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Trainer Maker, Cracker1995 Denmark
O.B.1Graphics Artist, Modem Trader1995 Ireland
RaidenSysop1994 New Zealand
ReliefMusic Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Swapper, Organizer1994 Denmark
RookieTexter, Graphics Artist1994-1995 Denmark
SpacebrainMusic Artist, Texter, Modem Trader1993-1995 Denmark
TacticaTexter, Graphics Artist1994 Denmark
WraithSysop, Modem Trader New Zealand
YekoTexter, Organizer, Modem Trader1995 Denmark