International Cracking Service (ICS)

  • Known as active in 1988-1992
  • Members countries: see members
  • Known as: International Cracking Service (ICS) (in 1991-1992), Italian Cracking Service (ICS) (in 1989-1991)

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BBS of International Cracking Service

BBS NameTypeYear(s)Country
Fantasy Italy
Ghost United Kingdom
Lazarus USA
Trash CityMultinodes USA
Unknown PleasuresMultinodes, Changing number(s)1991 United Kingdom

Members and Subgroups of International Cracking Service

(no subgroups)
Member NameTask(s)Known as Member in YearCountry
ArrafathCoder1991 Switzerland
Barbarian (aka Razorblade)Texter, Sysop1991 United Kingdom
BelgarionModem Trader1991-1992 France
CoaxialTexter, Packdisk Editor, Swapper, Modem Trader1992 United Kingdom
Cortex1991 Switzerland
Domino1991 Switzerland
Elrik (aka Elric)Coder, Texter1991 France
Elvira1991 Italy
EngineerSysop1992 United Kingdom
FilippettoCoder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Packdisk Editor1990 Italy
Freddy Kruger1990
Illegal (aka Antix)Texter, Cracker, Original Supplier1991 France
KitaroMusic Artist, Sysop, Original Supplier1991-1992 United Kingdom
Kool FalcoSysop USA
Lady X1990-1991 Italy
Little Swap1991 France
Marko1990-1991 Italy
Max1991 Italy
Mr. FlySysop, Organizer, Modem Trader1990-1991 Italy
Mr. Terry1991 Sweden
Polo (aka Slash)Coder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Packdisk Editor, Modem Trader, Leader1992 United Kingdom
Public Enemy #476Texter1991
Raster Burner1991 Italy
The Cosmic HurricaneTexter1988
The Godfathers1990
The Joker1990
The Rock1991 Italy
Turbo1991 France
Wiz (aka Wyrmslayer)Texter, Graphics Artist, Trainer Maker, Cracker1989-1990 Italy
Zayer1991 Switzerland
ZyrCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Packdisk Editor, Cracker1991 Switzerland