Bad Karma
Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Packdisk Editor, Swapper

  • Known as active in 1992-1994
  • Country: Finland
  • Known as: Bad Karma (in 1992-1993), Storm, James (in 1993-1994)
  • Known as member of Deadline in 1993, Balance in 1993-1994, Atomic in 1993, Interactive in 1992, Decnite in 1994, Crime Devils in 1992, Urban Design in 1993
  • Also with this name: James (Sargon) (GB), James (Powerlords/The Powerlords) (GB), James (Triangle, The Gang), James (X-Trade), James (End Of Century 1999, Iris, Nuance, Chaos (1992-94)) (GB), James (Eclipse) (IE), James (Atlantys, Black Knight) (FR), James (The Foundation), James, Storm (Movement, Rebels, Wasted Time) (FI), Storm (Tribe) (GB), Storm (Panic), Storm, Storm (Anthrox), Storm (Poison), Storm (Level 4), Storm (Spaceballs, Jetset, Origin, Essence, Gothic, Freestyle, Dual Crew-Shining/DCS, Design, Vicious) (DE), Storm (Energy, Awesome) (DE), Storm (Taurus) (DE), Storm (Atomic, Stone Arts) (NO), Storm (Supplex), Storm (Accession, The Destroyer Team) (FI), Storm (Cydonia, Digital Access) (AU), Storm (Unlimited) (FR), Storm (Nerve Axis, Cybernetix), Storm (Maniacs), Storm (Vertical Syndicate) (CZ), Storm (Prime, Reetec) (DE), Storm (Meka Design, Diversion) (SE), Storm (Divina, Altair Of Sacrifice) (IT), Storm (Effex, Sector 4), Storm (The Interceptors), Storm (Crude, The Brothers, Quasar (TK)), Storm (Reign), Storm (Bold And The Beautiful) (FI), Storm (Foda), Storm (Cyber-Tech Systems), Storm (GB), Storm (Attic (PL)) (PL)

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1-Hag - A-Freak - Mac - ...
added 12/96
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downloadHardcore PornooIntro
Urban Design
Bad Karma - Commander Z - Visage
added 12/07