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downloadBatman ReturnsDynamix & SSR
Sting - WOTW
Crack Intro
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BBS of Dynamix

BBS NameTypeYear(s)Country
Asylum (Italy) Italy
Ice Cream BBS1993-1994 Germany
The JamMultinodes, Major BBS1993 Germany

Members and Subgroups of Dynamix

(no subgroups)
Member NameTask(s)Known as Member in YearCountry
Amok1994 Germany
Big BallsSysop1994 Canada
Dream DesignGraphics Artist1993 Germany
EnforcerTexter, Graphics Artist, Modem Trader1994 Germany
LinebackerSysop1994 United Kingdom
Mr. RoxCoder1993-1994 Germany
NavyCoder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Sysop, Swapper, Modem Trader, Leader1993 Germany
PasoCoder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Sysop1992-1994 Germany
RamsesTexter, Sysop, Modem Trader1994-1995 Germany
RelayerModem Trader, Co-Sysop1994 USA
SubzeroMusic Artist, Texter, Leader, Original Supplier, Founder1993 Germany
SuspiriaTexter, Sysop, Leader, Founder1992-1993 Italy
The Black CatCoder, Texter, Graphics Artist, Sysop, Trainer Maker, Cracker1993 Germany