Coder, Music Artist, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1991-1995
  • Country: Sweden
  • Known as: Slaze (in 1991-1995), Blaze (in 1991)
  • Known as member of Defiance in 1992-1995, Strange in 1991, Death Defiers in 1992, Draco in 1991, Cizeron in 1991, Tension in 1994-1995
  • Also with this name: Blaze (Elite Inc.) (SE), Blaze (Royal Amiga Force, Legend), Blaze (Balance) (NO), Blaze (Grace, Unlimited) (NO), Blaze (Cryptoburners, Amonia) (NO), Blaze (Wizzcat, X-Trade, Ram Jam, Freezers, Corpse, Vox Dei, Horrorscope) (SE), Blaze (Zylon/Zylon/alpha Flight), Blaze (Giants), Blaze (Session, Insane, Endzeit) (SE), Blaze (Manitou) (TR), Blaze (Dual Crew-Shining/DCS, Nah-Kolor, Appendix, Floppy, Phuture 303, Endzeit, Przyjaciele Stefana B., Squeezers, Thefect, Vodka People) (PL), Blaze (Shock) (FI), Blaze (Infocorner), Blaze (Shockwave), Blaze (Free Flight), Blaze (Exile) (NO), Blaze (Dominators) (DK), Blaze (TDC)

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downloadEfter PluggetDemo
no screenshot
Duke - Muzzy - Rob - ...
added 3/95
As Member of StrangeCategoryAuthorYear
downloadStrange Music 2Musicdisk
Cyborg - Howard - Nicke - ...
added 3/94
As Member of DefianceCategoryAuthorYear
has effects
Kervin - Nirvana - Oops - ...