Coder, Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Designer

  • Known as active in 1990-1996
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Known as: Prophet (in 1990-1996), Tom (in 1990)
  • Known as member of Slipstream in 1992, Goldfire in 1990-1991
  • Also with this name: Prophet (Scoopex, Passion, Balance, Impact Dk, Sound Division) (DK), Prophet (Wizzcat, Digital, Amnesia) (DE), Prophet (Treacl), Prophet (The Prophets AG), Prophet (Bizarre Arts, Dizable - The Castle Of Illusions), Prophet (Royal), Prophet (Electron, Danger Productions) (FI), Prophet (Andromeda), Tom (Spreadpoint, Amiga Industries) (DE), Tom (Complex, Advance) (FI), Tom (Fairlight), Tom (Savage) (AT), Tom (Paradox, Combat 18), Tom (Pussy) (FR), Tom (Vixen), Tom (Abyss, Exxon) (AT), Tom (D-Tect, The Mysterious Team) (CH), Tom (Genetic) (SE), Tom (Dual Crew), Tom (Aurora) (SE), Tom (Paradise), Tom (Coma), Tom (Paragon, Arctic Force) (NO), Tom (Cryptoburners, Amonia) (NO), Tom (Voice), Tom (Trilogy), Tom (Ringard Production) (FR), Tom (Tomsoft) (FR), Tom (Possessed, Prime Evil, Bros) (DE), Tom (Darkness) (FR), Tom (Submission), Tom (The Wizards Inc), Tom (Manitou) (AT), Tom (Hoodlum) (DE), Tom (Timelords), Tom (Styx) (TR), Tom (Goblins) (ES), Tom (Reality (PL), Nexus(PL)) (PL), Tom (TRSI, Union, Suspect, Beton Dezign, Katharsis, Tpdl) (PL), Tom (Nasasoft), Tom (Drix), Tom (Wanton), Tom (Trade), Tom (The New Age, Power) (US), Tom (Savory) (DE), Tom (Atf), Tom (NL), Tom (D.T.A. Software Studio) (SK), Tom (Division) (CZ), Tom (DE), Tom (AmigaWave) (ES), Tom (Innovation)

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downloadUltimate FX
Job: Code (main part, credits part), Music, Graphics (credits part), Text

Releases that mention this Person as a Member

As Member of GoldfireCategoryAuthorYear
downloadUltimate FXTrackmo
Dave - Frantik - Prophet
As Member of SlipstreamCategoryAuthorYear
downloadTheir 2nd RebirthIntro
Alien - Easy-d - Hovac - ...
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