Graphics Artist, Swapper, Spreader

  • Known as active in 1989-1990
  • Known as member of The Giants in 1989, Questor in 1990
  • Also with this name: Cyborg (The Silents, Aero) (DK), Cyborg (Hangover) (SE), Cyborg (Chaos D-Sign) (DE), Cyborg (End Of Century 1999, Legend) (GB), Cyborg, Cyborg (Savage) (AT), Cyborg (Intense, Drifters, Dynamite) (FR), Cyborg (Horizon), Cyborg (Cabe), Cyborg (23 Celsius Crew, Moonlight) (HU), Cyborg (Bloodsuckers) (FI), Cyborg (Ephidrena), Cyborg (Hardline, Omega) (DE), Cyborg (Shining 8), Cyborg (Strange), Cyborg (Weird Science), Cyborg (Mad Monks), Cyborg (Addicts) (AU), Cyborg (Arcade, Neoplasia) (DE), Cyborg (New Generation Crew) (FR), Cyborg (End Of Century 1999, Perception, Narcosis, Lard Design, Jurassic) (GB), Cyborg (Coma) (DE), Cyborg (Visdom, Netzwerk) (DE), Cyborg (Nexus, Revolution (New)) (SE), Cyborg (Quadriga), Cyborg (Grace) (AT), Cyborg (Industry, Pas Maters) (RS), Cyborg (Paradox, Analog, Equinox, Nirvana, Us, Interpol, Swans, Boing Prods) (FR), Cyborg (The Mysterious Art), Cyborg (Alfa Crew, Parsector One) (NL), Cyborg (Courage) (DE), Cyborg (Eclipse), Cyborg (After Eights), Cyborg (Nemesis (old))

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Interviews with Cyborg

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downloadCracker Journal 23Diskmagazine
Alpha Flight
Ac-dc - Blackout - Carnivore - ...

Releases that mention this Person as a Member

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downloadA New BeginningDemo
Climax - Cyclone - Slice
As Member of The GiantsCategoryAuthorYear
downloadDrone Bone DemoDemo
The Giants
Cyclone - Slice
added 2/06
downloadNew StuffDemo
The Giants
Climax - Cyclone
added 2/09
downloadModuleplayer V3.0 & 3.1 IntroIntro
The Giants
added 2/09