Music Artist, Texter, Graphics Artist, Packdisk Editor, Swapper, Modem Trader, Leader

  • Known as active in 1992-2002
  • Country: Norway
  • Known as: Boo (in 1994-2002), Mace (in 1992-1994), Citizen (in 1992)
  • Known as member of Spaceballs in 1997-2002, Talent in 1993-2002, Awe in 1992, Abnormeda in 1994
  • Also with this name: Boo (Edit the Dragon) (AU), Citizen (Horizon, Agent Orange) (SE), Citizen (Heavy Duty), Citizen (Atomix) (CH), Citizen (Trance Inc.), Mace (Mayhem), Mace (Slipstream), Mace (Axis, Royal Amiga Force) (NL), Mace (Phenomena, Necatrix) (SE), Mace (Dual Crew, Organized Crime), Mace (Unique) (FI), Mace (Skid Row, Image) (NO), Mace (Warp Inc.), Mace (Vision, Incal/Incal Posse/Incal Inc., Maximum, Citrus) (DE), Mace (Novanex), Mace (Browbeat/Brow Beat, Exocet, Go-Go Inc.) (FI)
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