Coder, Texter

  • Known as active in 1991-1995
  • Country: France
  • Known as: Core (in 1995), Poison (in 1992-1994), Teenwolf (in 1991)
  • Known as member of Dreamdealers in 1995, Nova (France) in 1993-1994, Eremation in 1995, Ozone in 1992, Therapy in 1994, Intryx in 1992, Exit (FR) in 1991
  • Also with this name: Core (Alcatraz), Core (Phenomena, Hi-tech, Vortex 42) (SE), Core (Aero), Core (Defjam, Rebels, Noxious, Voice, Strange, Eagles, Final Impact/Full Impact, Strike) (SE), Core (Embassy) (FI), Core (Disaster), Core (Poro, Cods) (FI), Core (Hijack), Poison (The Silents) (GB), Poison (Intense), Poison (Quartz), Poison (Quarterline), Poison (Reality) (NZ), Poison (Cyanide, Centura, Power Zone (Netherlands)) (NL), Poison (Singular Crew), Poison (Chainsaw Design), Poison (Surprise! Productions) (NL), Poison (Devils), Teenwolf (Rydos) (DE)
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