Coder, Texter, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1988-1992
  • Country: Denmark
  • Known as: Wizz (in 1988-1992), Wize (in 1989)
  • Known as member of Dominators in 1991-1992, The Supply Team in 1988-1990
  • Also with this name: Wize (2000 AD, Limited Edition, Cold Front) (SE), Wizz (The Silents, Digital, Willow, Devils, Drifters, Delight) (FR), Wizz (Master Crew), Wizz (Loons), Wizz (White Label, The Southern Tribe), Wizz (Redline (old))

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Releases that mention this Person as a Member

As Member of The Supply TeamCategoryAuthorYear
downloadCrash Disc 12 IntroIntro
The Supply Team
Baz - Wizz
added 3/97
As Member of DominatorsCategoryAuthorYear
downloadHugo's ExcentriaMusicdisk
Fox - Nevada Kid - Roland - ...
added 1/08