Music Artist, Graphics Artist

  • Known as active in 1990-1995
  • Country: Turkey
  • Known as: Nighthawk (in 1990), Max (in 1990-1995)
  • Known as member of Zombie Boys in 1990, Bronx in 1990-1996
  • Also with this name: Max (Panic, Digital, Shining 8) (DE), Max (Slipstream, Continuity), Max (Royal Amiga Force) (NO), Max (Venom), Max (Brainstorm, Newings) (CH), Max (Savage, Cult, Damian, The Dark Demon), Max (Knox) (AT), Max (Admirals, Active Line, Blacktech, Down To Earth, New Order Inc.) (DE), Max (The Gang, Bad Reputation) (SE), Max (International Cracking Service/Italian Cracking Service) (IT), Max (Illusion (new)) (PL), Max (Phoenix, Magnificent Force) (NL), Max (Software Of Sweden) (SE), Max (Supplex), Max (Zyx), Max (Therapy), Max (Freestyle Uk), Max (Catch 22), Max (Intense, Bass) (FR), Max (Mindwarp), Max (Status Ok), Max (The Immortal Souls), Max (Trade), Max (Why, Nine Design), Max (Absurd, Fabiness) (SK), Max (Magic Owls, The Prodigy) (SK), Max (Risk Inc.), Nighthawk (Cadaver), Nighthawk (Rebels, Majic 12) (DK), Nighthawk (Grace) (NO), Nighthawk (The Troopers, Hard Core) (FI), Nighthawk (Italian Bad Boys) (CR), Nighthawk (Mean Machine, Reflect) (FI), Nighthawk (The Cellar, The Syndicate (NL)) (NL), Nighthawk, Nighthawk (Visual Bytes) (NO), Nighthawk (Concrete Cow/The Concrete Cow/Concrete Cows) (GB)
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