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Interviews with Paralysis

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downloadI.C.E. 3
on Ami Expo Berlin 1991
Airbrush - Ajay - Amphetamine - ...

Interview Text

    INTERVIEW WITH PHENOMEMA...    86                            

ICE: Hiho,Paralysis!!!  When, how  and    ICE: How's   the   scene  around  your
     why   did   you  join  the  Amiga         place?  Do you  have  any  famous
     Scene???                                  and/or cool guys  like  Zed/Cytax
PHM: I joined the scene 87. Why? well,         in the neighbourhood??
     I    was    fascinated   by   the    PHM: There is no scene around my place
     possibilities of the AMIGA (1000) 
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