• Known as active in 1989
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Known as member of Headwave in 1989
  • Also with this name: Dave (Haujobb, Freezers, MadWizards, Amnesty, Vacuum, Phuture 303, Often Hide, Vodka People) (PL), Dave (Razor 1911, Legend, Triad, Empire, Supreme, Warfalcons/The Warfalcons, Atlantis) (SE), Dave (Iris), Dave (D-Tect) (DE), Dave (Bamiga Sector One) (GB), Dave (17 Bit Software), Dave (Abandon) (GB), Dave (Desire, The Lords, Justice, La Rocca) (NL), Dave (Share And Enjoy, The Silents, Professional Sound Artists, Phoenix (UK), HACL) (GB), Dave (Noxious), Dave (Ian And Mic) (GB), Dave (Vortex) (GB), Dave (The Fire Starters, Dave & Christine) (NZ), Dave (GB), Dave (Goldfire) (GB), Dave (Soc. Brigade), Dave (Orbital), Dave (Classic, Outlaws), Dave (Blitting Image) (GB), Dave, Dave (Convex) (PL), Dave (Kingdom) (GB), Dave (Simplex Inc.) (FI), Dave (Power) (US), Dave (Experience (OZ)) (AU), Dave (D.o.p.), Dave (Razor 1911, Beverly Hills) (DE), Dave (X-Reality) (GB), Dave, Dave (Anthrox, Warriors, Darkstar) (GB), Dave (Scorpion) (BE)

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100% working diskimages
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Interviews with Dave

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Chester - Cobold - Majestic - ...
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Interview Text

Dave and HQ from Headwave have been interviewed by The Acc{sed and Chester of Brainstorm at the Escpape/Spreadpoint copy party on Oktober 7th. 
Where are you from? 
-The HQ is in Zurich, Switzerland. 
How many members are you? 
-Seventeen members and many many girls (!?) Among them six coders and three members of D-Tect joint us. 
What is your general work? 
-We do nearly everything but cracking because it's too expensive. If there's a cheap original supplier anywhere, he should contact us
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